• (original Strauss Bros. Co. building now at 2740 Orleans Street in Detroit's Easter Market. The photo and passage was found in the 1993 book Detroit's Historic Eastern Market (Images of America) by Randall Fogelman and Lisa E. Rush | Oct 14, 2013)

    A New Era For Our Brand


    Founded in Detroit's legendary Eastern Market in 1954, Strauss Brothers was a staple of Detroit butchery until 2005. Now, 17 years later, Strauss Brothers has been reborn.


    In the early days of Detroit's Eastern Market the most premium one percent of meat, fish, and vegetables never saw sale to the general public. Detroit's original meat barons created a private trade for personal use — along with a select group of friends, family, and the ultra-elite of Detroit's food and beverage aficionados.


    Throughout the mid to late 1900’s, as a family hobby, the proprietors of Strauss Brothers Meat perfected an assortment of "small batch" seasonings, sauces, and dressings to accompany premium Eastern Market products.


    Until now, these small batch products were only ever enjoyed by a select circle of family, friends, and other Eastern Market business owners at private dinners and celebrations.


    Now, decades since the last batches were made, and many years since Strauss Brothers ceased meat operations in the Eastern Market, the brand has been reborn under the leadership of the late owner Tommy Parrott's daughters and their families.


    And these "small batch" Eastern Market products are being made available to purchase for the first time in history.


    Strauss Bros. Co was originally founded in 1954. It is a brand inspired by a deep love for family, friends, food, and the history of Detroit's Eastern Market.


    Visit our new brick and mortar location in Eastern Market at 2478 Riopelle St. (soft openings on Saturday's & Sunday's for now)

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